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1. Food from Italy

Italy is the European country that is shaped like a boot.

Many popular dishes have their origin in Italy test
    1. This is the heading of the problem

          These are introductory words meant to be read before the problem statement.

      Problem 1.1.

      [Luigi] How many pieces of pizza are in a typical pizza pie?
        1. Remark. [David Faermer] Eight is the most common, in my experience.
            • Remark. [Jason Davies] test
                • Remark. [Kent] See piece-def for its definition.
                    • Remark. [Terry] Costco Pizza has 18 slices on average.
                        •     The following is actually a real mathematics problem.

                          Problem 1.2.

                          Given a plate of spaghetti with $N$ noodles, suppose you randomly connect each end of a noodle to another end, with all connections equally likely. What is the expected number of loops?
                            1. Remark. When $N=1$ there is exactly one loop.

                              When $N=2$ there can be either 1 or 2 loops, with 2 loops occurring 1/3 of the time. So the expected number of loops is $\frac13 2 + \frac23 1 = \frac43$.
                                • Sample heading about dessert

                                  Problem 1.3.

                                  Canneloni is a type of desert.
                                    1. Remark. [Jason] Interesting problem.
                                        • Problem 1.4.

                                          [David F] This is a placeholder for the statement of a problem.
                                            1. Remark. Definition A piece of pizza is a connected component.

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