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Try out this list!

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This problem list is for testing purposes.

Problem lists have three types of users:
  1. editors, who can change anything and who approve all changes

  2. privileged users, who can suggest changes to almost everything in the problem list, but whose changes must be approved by an editor.

  3. everyone else, which includes other registered users as well as anonymous users.

Privileges are assigned on each problem list separately. An editor of one list might not have any special status on another list.

On the list you are looking at right now, you can login a user "aaa" (password "aaa111") to become an editor. Or you can login as user "bbb" (password "bbb111") to be a privileged user. Or you can logout and be an anonymous user.

Problem lists have the following structure:

  1. The list is divided into sections

  2. the problems in each section have the following structure:

    a) An optional title

    b) Optional introductory statement

    c) Optional attribution (the person who posed the problem)

    d) Optional "status" of the problem, which can be anything, but typically indicates any known progress on the problem.

  3. Following the problem are any number of remarks.

Following that structure makes it easier to maintain the list.

Feel free to make changes to this list.

Feedback is welcome: problemlists@aimath.org


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