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5. Hilbert’s Tenth Problem for Subrings of $\mathbb Q$

    1. Problem 5.2.

      [Hector Pasten] Is there a diophantine subset $X$ of $\mathbb Q$ such that $\sup\{x\mid x\in X\}$ is transcendental?
        • Problem 5.3.

          [Florian Pop] Let $X/\mathbb Q$ be a variety, and let $\{Y_a\}_{a\in A}$ be a set of uniformly definable subsets of $X$.

          1. Is $\overline{Y_a(\mathbb Q)} = Y_a(\mathbb R)$?
          2. Does this imply that $\mathbb Z$ is not diophantine in $\mathbb Q$?
            • Problem 5.6.

              What is the structure of HTP for big rings in $\mathbb Q$ under $\leq_T$? (Here, “big rings" mean rings where infinitely many primes are inverted.)

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