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\(\newcommand{\Cat}{{\rm Cat}} \) \(\newcommand{\A}{\mathcal A} \) \(\newcommand{\freestar}{ \framebox[7pt]{$\star$} }\)

1. Computability

    1. Problem 1.1.

      [Russell Miller] Given $f\in \mathbb Z[x_1,\dots, x_n]$, define the following sets. $$ A(f) = \{\text{subrings of }\mathbb Q \text{ where $f$ has a solution}\} $$ $$ \mathcal C(f) = \text{The interior of the complement of $A(f)$} $$ $$ B(f) =\text{The boundary of the complement of $A(f)$} %= \text{``the boundary set"} $$
      1. Can the Lebesgue measure of $B(f)$ be positive?
      2. If so, what is the maximal complexity of the measure of $B(f)$?
      3. Is $\mathcal C(f)$ always a finite union of basic open sets?

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