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5. Other families of $L$-functions

    1. Problem 5.1.

      [B. Conrey] Using the ideas of Conrey and Keating, develop a heuristic for conjecturing asymptotic formulas for high moments of quadratic Dirichlet $L$-functions. What new terms contribute to the main term when $k\geq 3$?
        • Problem 5.2.

          [B. Conrey and H. Iwaniec] Develop a heuristic for moments of $L$-functions of automorphic forms.
            1. Remark. [B. Conrey] One of the problems here is that $\sum a_m a_{m+h}=0$, so there are no Type I terms.
                • Problem 5.3.

                  [C. Turnage-Butterbaugh] Develop a heuristic for moments of imprimitive $L$-functions, or if your $L$-function factors into degree $1$ factors, e.g. $$ \int |L(\tfrac{1}{2}+it,\chi_1)\cdots L(\tfrac{1}{2}+it,\chi_k)|^2\,dt $$ (or different powers).
                    • Problem 5.4.

                      [M. Milinovich] Develop a heuristic for quadratic twists of $L$-functions
                        1. Remark. [H. Iwaniec] What role does the root number play?
                            • Problem 5.5.

                              [H. Iwaniec and K. Soundararajan] The mechanism for computing moments in families like $\chi$ (mod $q$), $q\leq Q$, involve different orthogonality relations than $|m-n|=$small. Yet the answers are the same. Why?
                                • Problem 5.6.

                                  [M. Radziwill] Is there any way to get lower bounds for small moments (e.g. first moment) in families, even assuming GRH?
                                    • Problem 5.7.

                                      [O. Balkanova] Find an exact formula for $\sum_{f\in H_k}^h L(\frac{1}{2},Sym^2f)^2$.

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