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2. The symplectic BMY conjecture

The Bogomolov–Miyaoka–Yau (BMY) inequality states that the Chern numbers of a compact complex surface $S$ of general type satisfy $c_1^2(S) \leq 3 c_2(S)$. Moreover, if equality holds then $S$ is the quotient of the unit ball in $\mathbb{C}^2$ by an infinite discrete group. Alternatively, the result can be expressed as an inequality $3\sigma(S) \leq \chi(S)$, where $\chi$ denotes the Euler characteristic and $\sigma$ the signature of the intersection form.
    1. Symplectic BMY Inequality

      Conjecture 2.1.

      If $(X,\omega)$ satisfies $c_1^2 \geq 0$, then $c_1^2 \leq 3 c_2$.
        • Problem 2.2.

          [Casals] Does Miyaoka’s inequality follow by showing that some homology class in the projectivization $\mathbb{P}(T^*X)$ does not admit a symplectic representative?

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