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9. Highest Weight Structure on Categories of Perverse Sheaves

    1. Problem 9.1.

      [Mautner] Is there a geometric proof (i.e. avoiding Geometric Satake) that $\operatorname{Perv}_{\mathrm{sph}}(Gr, k)$ is highest-weight?
        • Problem 9.2.

          More generally, when is a category of perverse sheaves constructible with respect to a fixed stratification highest-weight?
            • Problem 9.3.

              [Braden–Mautner] Given a symplectic resolution $\pi\colon Y \to X$, with $G = \operatorname{Aut}(X, \omega)$, consider the subcategory of $\operatorname{Perv}_G(X, k)$ generated by subquotients of $\pi_*\underline{k}_Y$. When is this highest-weight?

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