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4. Exclusion and Interchange processes

    1. Comparison of interchange to SRW and Exclusion

      Problem 4.1.

      [Roberto Oliveira] Consider the interchange process with $n$ particles on $n$ vertices. Can you say the following?

      \begin{align*} t_{\mbox{mix}}^{IP}\lesssim & t_{\mbox{mix}}^{SRW} \log n\,, \\ t_{\mbox{mix}}^{IP} \lesssim & t_{\mbox{mix}}^{SRW,n}\,, \\ t_{\mbox{mix}}^{IP} \asymp & t_{\mbox{mix}}^{SSEP,n/2}\,. \end{align*}
          The first is known for $t_{\mbox{rel}}$ [Caputo et. al]
        • Interchange process on the hypercube

          Problem 4.2.

          Obtain good bounds on $t_{\mbox{mix}}^{IP}$ on the hypercube $\{0,1\}^n$.
            • Hitting time comparison

              Problem 4.3.

              Can you compare the hitting times of the interchange process to hitting times for the SRW on a graph $G$.

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