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\(\newcommand{\Cat}{{\rm Cat}} \) \(\newcommand{\A}{\mathcal A} \) \(\newcommand{\freestar}{ \framebox[7pt]{$\star$} }\)

1. Ultraproducts

    1. Embedability

      Problem 1.1.

      [J. Peterson] Let $M$ be a II$_1$ factor with Property (T) and $N$ a II$_1$ factor with Haagerup property. If $M\subseteq N^\omega $, prove there exists $N_n\subseteq N$, finite dimensional, so that $M\subset \displaystyle\prod_{\omega} N_n\subseteq N^\omega $.
        1. Remark. [J. Peterson] This is analogous to Shalom’s theorem for groups:

          If $\Gamma $ has property (T) and $\Lambda $ has the Haagerup property so that $\Gamma\hookrightarrow \Lambda^\omega $, then there exists a sequence of finite groups $\Lambda_n\leqslant \Lambda $ so that $\displaystyle\Gamma\hookrightarrow \prod_\omega \Lambda_n $.
            • Fundamental Groups of Ultraproducts of II$_1$ Factors

              Problem 1.2.

              Find a II$_1$ factor $P$ so that $\mathcal{F}(P^\omega)\neq \mathbb{R} $.
                1. Remark. If this is true, I think it follows that there are uncountably many elementary equivalence classes of non-McDuff II_1 factors. -T
                    • Remark. It seems open whether M^t always embeds in M^\omega. -T
                        • Non-Isomorphic Ultrapowers

                          Problem 1.3.

                          [A. Ioana] Find full type II$_1$ factors $P_1$ and $P_2$ so that $P_1^\omega\not\cong P_2^\omega $.
                            1. Remark. [R. Boutonnet] Let $\{M_\alpha\}_{\alpha\in \{0,1\}^\mathbb{N}} $ be the family of McDuff II$_1$ factors with pairwise non-isomorphic ultrapowers (see BCI15). Does the same conclusion hold for the family $M_\alpha* \mathbb{Z} $? What about $M_\alpha*N $ where $N $ is some “rigid” factor?
                                • Non-Isomorphic Ultrapowers III

                                  Problem 1.4.

                                  [C. Houdayer] Construct type III factors with non-isomorphic ultrapowers.
                                    • Problem 1.5.

                                      Is $\mathcal{R}^\omega\cong L(G) $ for some group $G$.
                                        1. Remark. This question doesn’t make complete sense to me. Something that I think was asked in line with this was whether M^{op} is elementarily equivalent to M for any II_1 factor. -T
                                            • Isomorphic Ultrapowers

                                              Problem 1.6.

                                              [S. Vaes] Find a class of $II_1$ factors with isomorphic ultrapowers.
                                                1. Remark. [T. Sinclair] By Sela’s work (2000), $\mathbb{F}_n^\omega\cong \mathbb{F}_m^\omega $. However, there is an obstruction in a naive application of this result.
                                                    • Elementary Equivalence of the Free Group Factors

                                                      Problem 1.7.

                                                      [T. Sinclair] Is $L(\mathbb{F}_n) $ elementarily equivalent to $L(\mathbb{F}_\infty) $?

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