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\(\newcommand{\Cat}{{\rm Cat}} \) \(\newcommand{\A}{\mathcal A} \) \(\newcommand{\freestar}{ \framebox[7pt]{$\star$} }\)

3. Geometric vs. Arithmetic representations

Take $f(z)\in\mathbb{Q}[z],$ assume $0$ is not periodic. Consider two groups \begin{align} G &:= \lim_{n\rightarrow\infty} \text{Gal}(f^n)\\ G’&:= \lim \text{Gal}(f^n(z)-t). \end{align}
    1. Problem 3.1.

      [Tom Tucker] Is there any example where $G$ does not have finite index in $G'?$
        • Problem 3.2.

          [Tom Tucker] Understand the relation with PCFness. Note this is related to Problem 1.1. Perhaps start with $f(z)=z^2-1.$

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