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6. Ricci Solitons

    1. Problem 6.1.

      [O. Munteanu] Do $4$-dimension shrinkers have bounded scalar curvature?
        • Problem 6.2.

          [O. Munteanu] Are there examples of shrinkers other than the one on $\hat{\mathbb{C}}$ in $4$ dimension?
            • Problem 6.3.

              [O. Munteanu, B. Chow and P. Lu] For any dimension, is it true that a shrinker $(M,g)$ either is asymptotically conical, or it must split off a line?
                • Problem 6.4.

                  [O. Munteanu] Are there any (genuine) examples of shrinkers which are not Kahler?
                    • Problem 6.5.

                      [O. Munteanu] Do complete shrinking solitons split off a line?
                        • Problem 6.6.

                          [O. Munteanu] Are compact shrinkers with positive sectional curvature Einstein?
                            • Problem 6.7.

                              [O. Munteanu] Is $\mathbb{R} \times \Sigma$, for $\Sigma$ the cigar soliton, the only collapsed $3$-dimension steady soliton?

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