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2. Geodesic Flows on Compact Spaces

    1. Problem 2.1.

      [Ilya Gekhtman and Vaughn Climenhaga] Let $\tilde{M}$ be contractible negatively curved Riemannian manifold, and $\Gamma \subset \operatorname{Isom}(\tilde{M})$ be a discrete group of isometries which acts cocompactly.

      1. Consider a nearest-neighbor random walk on $\Gamma$, which produces an exit measure on the boundary $\partial\Gamma$. Is this measure a Gibbs state?
      2. If $\tilde{M}$ is nonpositively curved, what can be said about the measures induced on the boundary by Brownian motion? Is it a Gibbs state? What else can be said about it? (In the negative curvature case, this is known by //////)
        • Problem 2.2.

          [Jayadev Athreya] Let $\varphi_t$ be geodesic flow on the unit tangent bundle of a compact surface of constant negative curvature. Let $S_n$ denote the number of simple closed geodesics with length $\le n$. Find precise growth rates for $S_n$. More generally, what can be said about variable negative curvature?
            • Problem 2.3.

              [Dan Thompson] Glue together two hyperbolic manifolds along some geodesic segment, and consider the corresponding $\operatorname{CAT}(-1)$ geodesic flow. Does the Bowen-Margulis measure satisfy exponential decay of correlations?
                • Problem 2.4.

                  [Jayadev Athreya] Consider the geodesic flow on a translation surface. The Lebesgue measure is a 0-entropy measure, and the measure of maximal entropy sits on saddle connections. Are there other interesting invariant measures with intermediate entropy?

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