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2. Parity

    1. Problem 2.1.

      Call a braid $\beta$ parity if HHH$(\beta)$ is parity. Find necessary and/or sufficient conditions for a braid to be parity.

      Are there operations on braids (for example, adding a positive number of full twists) which transform it into a parity braid or which preserve parity braids?
        • Problem 2.2.

          Are algebraic braids parity? If so find a (recursive) formula for HHH of an algebraic braid.
            • Problem 2.3.

              There is a commutative family of braids built as products of FT$_k$, the full twist on the first $k$ strands, for $k \leq n$. Are the positive products in this family parity? If so, find a (recursive) formula for HHH.
                • Problem 2.4.

                  In the presence of parity, there are two combinatorial formulas for HHH: one for localization of Hilbert schemes from the GNR conjecture and one from the Elias-Hogencamp-Mellit papers. How are these formulas related? How are they related to Demazure crystals?

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